Edge Hill 101

This blog will detail the trials and tribulations of restoring Edge Hill, a brick 1840s center-hall colonial plantation home.


Below, shown in the reverse from the picture above, the house has three dependencies.  From left to right: a summer kitchen, a smokehouse, and a slave house:


The house has a very traditional layout, the first and second floor each having four large rooms and a large central hall.  Downstairs, two of the rooms can be combined by raising a large interior wall, which ascends into a void between walls on the second floor:

First Floor

Upstairs, the layout mirrors the first floor:

 Second Floor

Over the past 170 years the house has grown with a wing addition connecting the house and the summer kitchen.  Below, see the front of the house with the addition extending off to the right:


Electricity and indoor plumbing have also been added, and the decor has followed most of the major trends. Time has also taken its toll on the house, and, as with most long-lived structures, major upgrades are needed to make the property comfortable for a young couple.  In the process of modernization we will strive to preserve and honor the history of the home, and have a little fun!  You are invited to join us on the way, and encouraged to provide feedback or your own words of wisdom from experiences relevant to our own. We hope you enjoy!

Warmest Regards,
Rachel & Chad

P.S. We should note that all the wedding/professional shots on this blog were taken by Keesha Dickle and her amazing team at Ruby Sky photography. Please respect their work, and let us know of you would like copies of anything and we will figure out whose permission is needed. Some of the images used on our blog reference popular culture, and we are trying to ensure those come from the public domain. If we goof, just let us know and we will amend.

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  1. Chad and Rachel: let me know your email, please, and I’ll forward you a copy of the survey form that I’ve developed from the fieldwork at your house a couple of weeks ago. Thanks again for the cooperation. Doug Sanford

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