Strong Foundations

As you saw in our last post, we were prepping for our foundations to be poured in the renovation of the Little House.  We also had some concrete work scheduled for the smoke house, which will bring us even closer to putting the finishing touches on our first official renovation project at Edge Hill.  Hard to believe!

If you recall, when we moved in the smoke house was the structure that was in greatest need of some immediate TLC.   Over the last year, the structure has been gutted, repaired, repointed, excavated, re-timbered, roofed, and the first layer of interior parging has been applied.  To get the building ready for its lifetime use as our workroom/tool shed/staging area for other rehab projects (think windows!), we wanted to upgrade from a dirt to a concrete floor.

We had already excavated the floor in the smoke house over twelve inches to make room for the concrete, and the next step was prepping the space for the future utilities (electric and water).  Rachel and I got crafty, and went to Lowe’s to pick up some conduit and pipe glue:


We excavated even further down, fully under the brick foundation of the structure, in order to run our conduit pipes from the inside to the outside.  Then we glued everything – straight pieces of conduit and conduit elbow joints – together:


Next, we put down a sheet of vapor barrier to protect the concrete, and then topped that with gravel.


Enter the big guns!  Dad showed up with a bucket loader that could JUST fit through the opening of the smoke house door.  He brought the gravel into the smoke house this way, saving our backs from hours of wheelbarrow work.  Look at how close he was on the clearance – just about two inches – AFTER we took the door frames out!




We carefully covered the vapor barrier with about four inches of stone to form a nice, solid base for the concrete, and then the guys from the concrete company came and leveled and prepped the space with a rebar grid:


About a week after everything was prepped, we awoke one morning to a glorious sight backing down our driveway!



They made short work of pouring the floor:


*Better pictures of the concrete floor will be added ASAP!

…and in almost no time they were on to the next project: the foundations for the Little House’s addition!  They set up the forms for the new footers:


IMG_0023   IMG_0024

Now that the forms are in, we are waiting on the county building inspector to come give the stamp of approval, and then the concrete guys will be back to actually pour the footers.   Once the concrete has dried, the whole project gets turned back over to the masons, who will lay the masonry for the crawl space.  Our cinder blocks arrived on site last week and are poised and ready!


Can’t wait for the Little House to officially exit the demolition stage and enter the this-is-finally-starting-to-look-better stage!