Window to the Stars

A micro post- but, MACRO excitement.  The crowning feature of our addition is the roof lantern skylight.  As most of you know, we are taking a lot of design cues from Thomas Jefferson, but our inspiration structure – Pavilion IX on the Lawn at UVA – has a hipped roof that comes to a point at a chimney, and we don’t have a fireplace in the middle of our building . . . so we looked at other, better-known Jefferson structures – and – jackpot!  Jefferson loved natural light, utilizing oversized windows in many structures, and had a particular penchant for skylights.  He had them in the dome rooms at both Monticello and UVA’s Rotunda, and he also had skylights in his second-story rooms at Monticello.

After some design discussions, we chose the folks at Renaissance Conservatories in Pennsylvania, and they delivered the final product this week!


All set!  Now to stand back and enjoy the view…



. . . and all of that natural light!


And, one of the coolest features: we can remote vent this side light window to get some airflow when the weather cooperates!


We are still waiting on the pointed finials, which will cap off the completed look, but those will be installed down the road.  Now, let’s hope this week of rain lets up sometime soon so we can check out the stars.

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